Friday, January 28, 2011

Freebee Friday!!!

Anyone who's anyone knows my list of favorite shows (Glee, Vampire Diaries [which finally returned to the CW last night], Criminal Minds, Psych, SYTYCD, Arrested Development, wait? You didn't want me to list them all?). And anyone who wants to call themselves my friend knows I love Supernatural.

In celebration of Friday, I will leave you with the weekend and with this funny, funny outtake. And for all of you who don't know this yet: Sam & Dean are rock stars.



  1. I just recently got into "Supernatural" with my friend Gary who brought over the dvd's one night to my house saying "I really love this series and you have to watch it." Now we are working our way through season five and I gotta This post so struck a cord with me because I think it is one of the best series I've ever seen.

    I love the way everything has been unpredictable (and I've watched a lot of horror, etc., so am familiar with the cliches). Ruby totally surprised me, the fact that they sent Dean to Hell...I was like, no way...he's the star he can't go to Hell!? Killed dad off when I wasn't expecting it, and then each of the horsemen that I've seen (haven't gotten to Death yet) has been presented in a really unusual way. I don't know yet if they are actually going to allow Satan to take over Sam yet but I sure hope not. Course this series just might do it! Anyways...much love and thanks for letting me comment on your blog.

  2. So glad you found Supernatural! It's the best series out there and I'm sad this is their last season on the air. You're in for many more good episodes, so stay tuned. Seen the Lucky Rabbit's Foot one yet? It's my favorite. Sam in a really sad voice: "I lost my shoe."

    Thanks for taking the time to post a comment! :)

  3. Yeah I loved that episode. Last night we just finished watching the season finale of season 5 where Michael and Lucifer ended up in the cage. I was sad because I like Adam and hope he's okay because he definitely doesn't deserve that awful fate. I'd also be sad for Sam but I saw him okay standing outside the house looking in on Dean so have to wonder what that is all about.