Friday, November 7, 2014

Freebee Friday!

I think we all need a break from NanNo, and this will surely do the trick. Saw it on my facebook feed and was in such a state of awe, that I had to share!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaNo Day 3 Recap

How easy it is to fall behind. I'm just now posting my words from yesterday and just now sitting down to write my words of today. It's been one of those days. :/

Here are my best 100 from Day 3:

"She gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before snapping the elastics of the mask behind her ears. "Thanks again for helping us tonight."
I give her a genuine smile; they're hard to find now a days. "Of course. My best friend is having her Pairing Ceremony tonight." I really am happy for her. Dhevan and Journey truly do love each other, and they've been waiting such a long time for this day to come. I'm happy that they'll finally be together the way I never really can be. I mentally shake the thought away.
She actually lets out" 


Monday, November 3, 2014

NaNo Day 2

I know it's only day two, but are you all staying on track? I hope so. It's easy, even in the early days of NaNo, to skip a day and tell yourself that you'll make it up in the coming days. Don't let yourself fall into that trap! Write!

Here are my best 100 words from yesterday.

""You heard the man, next!" the Guard on the right shouts.
The firewood seller spins impressively for a man his size, getting in the face of the Guard. "This here's my booth, not yours. I didn't ask you to be here and I sure as hell don't need you to interfere." He turns back forward with a grunt, taking the ration stamps of the next citizen and scanning them. The Citizen points to two cords of wood and the seller slaps their stamps onto the end of one of the logs with a tack.
Journey and I are up to" 


Sunday, November 2, 2014

NaNo Day 1

So, how'd you all fair? I barely pushed past the bare minimum yesterday with 1,800 words. But, as promised, here are my best 100 words, unedited, and as I wrote them yesterday. Don't forget to check in with me on Facebook and Twitter and check out what's going on under the hashtag of #NaNoWriMo and #100BestWords. Share and be proud of what you've accomplished so far.

"I wrinkle my nose at the smell that permeates the room. It's not as bad as it was when he first got here, but it's still noticeable to me; like he's stained the walls and furniture and everything else with his stench. We'll never get it out. I make my way, grudgingly, over to the side of the bed. Papa set up a small, wooden chair next to the dead of his bed and within arm's reach of the night stand. There's a small bowl of water and worn rag waiting for me. The water isn't much, but in our"

Okay, back to writing!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaNo has arrived again!

Yo, yo, yo!

Today is the first day of the dredded/celebrated NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)! For those of you not in the loop, NaNo is a challenge to write a novel (50,000 words) during the month of November.

"November?!" you say. "Why November? It's, like, a totally busy month!"

That's the point. During the stress of holidays, season changes, family, travel, and stuffing your face with delicious food and treats, you're challenged to write a novel. Even though you have a bajillion other things going on around you, the sense of pride and accomplishment of carving out a little bit of time each day to write 1,666.6666666667 words is well worth it. Even if you don't reach the 50,000 word goal, you've written something and that something will always be better than nothing.

I'm planning on using this month to really buckle down and finish OUTCAST, the second book in the Corporation series. Check out my Facebook page and Twitter feed to check on the progress I'm making. My goal is to share with you each day a little something that I've written; a bit of a sneak peek, if you will.

So, what bout you all? Up for the challenge?

Happy writing, my friends!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why the heck not?

Spring has officially been in town for a little bit, why not celebrate with a few teaser lines from Ethan's POV from Book 2??

I want to say nothing's changed since coming to Neech. 
I want to say we live in a world without the Corporation. 
I want to say we have a garaunteed plan to get Ajna back.
I want to say Karis and I are better than ever.

But I'd be lying. 

Everything's changed since coming here. 
The Corporation is stronger than ever. More deadly than ever. 
I have no idea if Ajna will ever come home.
Karis and I are nothing like before. 

This time, I'm the one with secrets.

I am off to dance now. Happy reading and writing, my friends!


Feels like Home

I have mixed feelings about Spring Break already being here. On the downside, it means that it's almost April already. On the upside, it means that I get mornings off at work and get to work on Book 2! (huzzah).

I've picked a new Starbucks to hang out at during these wee early morning hours to work on my book. It's close to the studio I dance at (feis preparation is going on, so we have some special classes this week). I think I kinda love this location. But, it's more for the people that come here. This is my second morning and I've seen the same group of old men (about five of them) that sit in a cluster of chairs, chatting with each other and greeting everyone that enters by name. It's pretty awesome. I love community like that.

Okay, that's it for now. Must continue to work on Book 2. It's taking me places I didn't think it would. :)


Friday, January 10, 2014

Freebee Friday!

So, Hubby was talking to his boss about the infestation of squirrels our neck of the wood has, and the impossibility of having a bird feeder for the birds.

That is, until this.

Enjoy and happy Friday!