Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why the heck not?

Spring has officially been in town for a little bit, why not celebrate with a few teaser lines from Ethan's POV from Book 2??

I want to say nothing's changed since coming to Neech. 
I want to say we live in a world without the Corporation. 
I want to say we have a garaunteed plan to get Ajna back.
I want to say Karis and I are better than ever.

But I'd be lying. 

Everything's changed since coming here. 
The Corporation is stronger than ever. More deadly than ever. 
I have no idea if Ajna will ever come home.
Karis and I are nothing like before. 

This time, I'm the one with secrets.

I am off to dance now. Happy reading and writing, my friends!


Feels like Home

I have mixed feelings about Spring Break already being here. On the downside, it means that it's almost April already. On the upside, it means that I get mornings off at work and get to work on Book 2! (huzzah).

I've picked a new Starbucks to hang out at during these wee early morning hours to work on my book. It's close to the studio I dance at (feis preparation is going on, so we have some special classes this week). I think I kinda love this location. But, it's more for the people that come here. This is my second morning and I've seen the same group of old men (about five of them) that sit in a cluster of chairs, chatting with each other and greeting everyone that enters by name. It's pretty awesome. I love community like that.

Okay, that's it for now. Must continue to work on Book 2. It's taking me places I didn't think it would. :)