A 2 Z Blogging Challenge

Okay! Here we go, this should be a BLAST! Starting April 1st and going through April 30th, I will post a new blog post (around 600 words or less) in accordance with the A 2 Z Blogging Challenge (#A2Z)

I want to try and make each post as fun, interesting, and as connected as possible; so, I will be using a different, random writing prompt for each day using the same story line and characters to try and make a complete story. You can let me know if you want to see more or not at the end of the month. :)

Sounds fun, right? You should try it, too! 

My Storyline: A crazy old grandpa who escapes from a nursing home (inspired by true events) and his granddaughter's struggle to find him and get him back. :) We'll see how it goes. You know what they all say about good intentions. 

Sunday, April 1st – A is for antacids
Monday, April 2nd – B is for bologna
Tuesday, April 3rd – C is for crackers
Wednesday, April 4th – D is for dating
Thursday, April 5th – E is for eloping
Friday, April 6th – F is for Funfetti
Saturday, April 7th – G is for Grampy
Monday, April 9th – H is for home
Tuesday, April 10th – I is for innocent
Wednesday, April  11th – J is for Junebug
Thursday, April 12th – K is for killer
Friday, April 13th – L is for lonely
Saturday, April 14th – M is for mistake
Monday, April 16th – N is for nothing
Tuesday, April 17th – O is for offense
Wednesday, April 18th – P is for pompous
Thursday, April 19th – Q is for quiet
Friday, April 20th – R is for respect
Saturday, April 21st – S is for scared
Monday, April 23rd – T is for tough
Tuesday, April 24th – U is for unsure
Wednesday, April 25th – V is for violet
Thursday, April 26th – W is for wiggle
Friday, April 27th – X is for xcuse me?
Saturday, April 28th – Y is for yell
Monday, April 30th – Z is for zinger