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Just Read...

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Book Report to follow...


Just Read...

by Lauren DeStefano

Book Report!

Tris is a BadAss

A conversation between me and rock star coworker, Justin.

(Note: I am a girly-girl in every sense of the word. I LOVE shoes, purses, clothes…you get the idea. While I also am an adrenaline junky and enjoy physical activity and outdoor things, this is still a pretty funny story for anyone who knows me and sees me on a daily basis—in my fancy shoes, especially the glittery ones)

SETTING: Justin is in his cubie, working like a madman on his two computer screens, mounds of paper work and other coworkers (such as myself) interrupting his flow of rock star-ness.

ME: Hey Justin. Lean against his cubie wall, ignoring the fact that he’s busy.

JUSTIN: Hey. Glances my way, continues to type.

ME: How’s it goin'? I am here to be entertained, darn it.


ME: Huh. Hey, wanna hear something cool?


ME: Lunch date with Lemons next week, 12:30, that European pizza place downtown. 

JUSTIN: Courtesy laugh as he continues to work. Great multitasker, that Justin is.

ME: Wanna see something cool? I’ve been waiting ALL day to share this with someone. Justin is the PERFECT candidate.

JUSTIN: Finally ignores his work to give me the 100% of his attention I deserve. Of course!

ME: I hold out my left hand palm up, and show him the injury I obtained over the weekend (Okay, so I was going to take a picture to show you all how dang impressive it was, but it wasn’t gory enough. I wanted it to turn yellow and purple with bruising, but I did such a good job taking care of it when it happened, nothing ever came to fruition, thus, I will describe it to you. It looks like a small bite mark, a really small bite mark--like Fae from the Dark Court small--and it’s bloody, and slightly bruised and swollen and impressive. Oh, so impressive. It’s in the meaty part of my hand where my pointer finger meets my palm.)

JUSTIN: Brows arch in a somewhat impressed fashion. Ouch. Looks like it hurt.

ME: Nods. Yup. It did. But only a little. Wanna know how I got it?

JUSTIN: Of course! Typical excited Justin response. It’s great.

ME: Shrugs shoulders, tries to act nonchalant and “everyday-ish” about this. Cleaning my gun.

JUSTIN: Pregnant pause. Silence. Erupts in laughter.

ME: I know! It’s so cool isn’t it?

JUSTIN: Still laughing. How’d you get it?

ME: Pulls out the lingo and info Hubby spouted me when I insisted he teach me how to properly and responsibly use and clean my gun. Well, I’d just finished cleaning and putting together my 9MM, and was doing a trigger test. When I pulled back the slide and let it go, my hand got in the way and it pinched my skin.

JUSTIN: Did you cry?

ME: No. It kind of hung there. I couldn’t get it off myself. I was like, Hubby, Hubby. Get this off. He kind of looked at me and then the gun.

JUSTIN: Laughs some more.

Co-worker Janice walks by.

ME: Hey, Janice! Wanna see something cool?

JANICE: Sure, babe. Walks over.

ME: Shows hand.

JANICE: Looks like you got pinched.

ME: Uh-huh.

JANICE: Doing what?

ME: Cleaning my gun.

JANICE: Laughs at me. Literally AT me. Honey, you need to wait for it to bruise up more before you go showing it off. More impressive that way. Walks away.

ME: Scowls a little but still darn proud of my wound AND how I got it. Thinks to self: I wonder if Tris ever got one of these while cleaning her gun during the Dauntless initiation. Then I shake my head. Who am I kidding? Tris is a Bad ass.

My Taurus PT92 - 9MM

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The world is officially ending. I forgot my book AND my iPod today.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What counts as hours of endless entertainment? Waching a fly teasing my dog and my dog trying to catch said fly. Thank you Sass. Thank you.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh, yeah (in the Ferris Bueller voice)

So, I've just written a scene that will possibly never make it into the book (which gave me the courage to actually write the scene to begin with). A few good thing came from doing this:

1) My word count went up
2) It was a heck of a lot of fun
3) I learned SO MUCH about Karis and Ethan

The more you write about your characters, the more they come to life. I had a perfect little box that I pulled Karis out of, but when she finally came into existence, she looked at that frilly pink box, gagged, and kicked it into oblivion. I'm glad. I have never really liked them to begin with (Oh, and apparently, Karis HATES the color pink).

And Ethan. Oh my dear, sweet Ethan. You are amazing on so many levels. Your sense of humor gives away when you're nervous or not quite sure of yourself, but I'm laughing so hard, I don't really care that you might be leading Karis and me to a certain and untimely demise. It's part of the fun and experience of knowing you.

I can't wait to find out where we go today.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Just introduced Hubby to tagReader. He'll be occupied and entertained for the next week or so :)

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Just Read...

Matched by Ally Condie
Book Report coming soon...

...and...four months later, here it is. I love that you're patient with me. 


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Freebee Friday!!!

Now that SYTYCD is over, we get to get back to Freebee Fridays!! Yay!

So, I thought I'd kick it off with a bang. This is my favorite episode of The X-Files and happens to have this is a great poem in it. Everytime I listen to it, it just tugs at my heart, and I'm not sure why. I think it's a combination of things. David Duchoveny does a such a superb job reading it, and I really do love Robert Browning.

So, enjoy!

At times I almost dream

I too have spent a life the sages' way,
And tread once more familiar paths. Perchance
I perished in an arrogant self-reliance
Ages ago; and in that act a prayer
For one more chance went up so earnest, so
Instinct with better light let in by death,
That life was blotted out -- not so completely
But scattered wrecks enough of it remain,
Dim memories, as now, when once more seems
The goal in sight again.
--Robert Browning, Precursor to Paracelsus II


Friday, August 12, 2011

We have a winner!

So, I'm not going to do a whole lot of pomp and cermumstance with this post. I know you all watched it. So without further Adeu.....CONGRATS MELANIE! She's a great dancer and it was well deserved.

So, I'm going to be honest on this next part: It was a VERY long day for me yesterday. Work, photoshoot for my little niece, dinner with the sis and two of her adorable kiddos, then a babyshower for my sister-in-law and her newest, beautiful addition, off to Walmart to pick up some last minute items, then back home to pack for CAMPING!!!

So, as I was lying in bed last night at 10 pm, remembering that I had to watch SYTYCD, I found out it was two hours long. I have to be at work at 7:30 people, so I fast forwarded through most of it. I'm sorry, but it's true. I watched the two new numbers, and then skipped to the end to find out who won. 

The opening routine was great ad the tap number was so much fun. I loved all the favorite numbers they chose and the fact that so many of them were dance numbers and that Cat got to put in her two cents. Well, that's all for now, but hopefully I'll have great tales of taming the wilderness for you when I get back!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Break it down now!

Okay, let's all be honest with ourselves: We knew this day was coming. The last week of SYTYCD. It's okay, get a good cry out now. I won't judge, promise. Let's just hope tonight's show is awesome. LOVE Cat's dress.

Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tad. Who will be crowned America's favorite dancer tomorrow night? Tonight is the last night they compete to try and win over our votes.

Kenny Ortega and Katie Holmes are the guest judges tonight (I think Nigel got Botox, his forehead looked a little tight).

Interviews & Solos
Melanie's solo It was too short. Bottom line. The entire sequence where she went into the backbend and then stretched out – her legs are pure muscle and her points and turnout are both something I was drooling over. They did a little interview before hand. I wonder how her boyfriend feels about her crush on Neil and the open-mouthed (but no tongue) kiss with Marko.
Marko's solo "if you have a reason to live, you don't have a reason to quite". Great quoted. And Marko's solos was another one that I didn't want to end.
Tadd's solo haha! Apparently Tadd has a fan club website! This is great. Tadd's sheer strength in his dancing is amazing each and every time. We all know he has strength, but the control he has that goes with it is astonishing. He knows he has a following, and he uses it to his advantage. Well done, Tadd. Well done.
Sasha's solo Loved Sasha's cute little shorts. I think that everyone really brought it to their solo's tonight. They finally feel like the really need to earn America's vote. And with all of them, their solo wasn't nearly long enough.

Melanie & Marko for a disco! It's always hard and few have pulled it off. Let's see how they do Doriana's routine! Human mirror balls with energy!!! Marko did pretty well, but at times, it seemed a little rehearsed. Doriana is known for having wicked fast and complicated routines, but this one just felt so slow and forced. I kept waiting for it to pick up and really get going.

Sasha & AS Mark (doesn't it seem like she keeps getting tinier and tinier?) Sonya's routine – ode to Sasha. (Mark always does fierce Sonya routines). Wow. It was so fast and intricate. They did a great job (I recognize the base line and synthetics from this song from another one of her routines, just thought I'd mention that). Mark and Sasha did a terrific job in this number. Sonya looked very satisfied with this number. They didn't just hit every movement, they pounded the crap out of it. (PS – It's fun to see celebrities in the audience. Like Amy Poehler)

Tadd & OMG AS JOSHUA!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for two seasons of AS for him!! Hip hop with Lil'C! A dance about the hustle. Look! Joshua is still so stinkin' cute! Holy crap Josh is so good at what he does. He hit so hard and his attitude and swag was everywhere. I dare say it overwhelmed Tadd a little, but he still did pretty good. I think that they did a good job at staying together, but Tadd was a little looser and more smooth on his moves, so he was a little behind Joshua at times. Josh just moves directly from point A to point B in everything he does, where as Tadd seems to take a detour through point C. OOH, Mary. I thought she was going in a different direction with her comments, but I'm glad she changed course. I don't know what Nigel was expecting to get from Tadd. Favorite routine.

Melanie & AS Robert Stacie contemporary routine. Unrequited love. Robert is another one of my favorite dancers, and I think that with Melanie being partnered with him, it really let's her shine. I do have to say that sometimes Stacey doesn't pick the best of music, but that's just my opinion. They looked so beautiful when they were dancing in tandem. And when he picks her up and hugs her towards the end, it was just beautiful. There's no other word for it. Melanie really got sucked up in the emotion and made it so real. All the choreographers that are guest judges want to work with Melanie. I loved how Cat tried to land Melanie a gig and then did a little dance. Melanie always gets rave routines. I still remember her audition. It literally brought me to tears with the beauty of it.

Sasha & Marko Broadway with Spencer. Sasha wants a little fun with her waiter. Her dress is great and she makes a Mohawk look very feminine. Her arms are fierce and did you see her quads?!?!?! This was a very good, entertaining and funny number. Marko did such a fun job. And the ending was so much fun. Everyone loved it but Nigel, and he got boo's almost out of his chair.

Sasha & Tadd Mark Ballas Cha Cha. Loved her costume. Ha! He slapped her bum!! It was kind of weird having her so much taller than him and still tryng to take him seriously as a macho leading man. She did a good job of seeming like she was going to eat him. And although I liked the dance, I didn't like her the best in ti. Him either. I've seen them both do better. It seemed like there were too many places where they messed up and missed holds, too much thinking and planning, etc. Mary agreed with me, and you can't afford to have as many big mistakes s they did.

Marko & AS Lauren Tessandra Chavez's failed love story. I already like Tessandra. From the opening few bars. She's very good with her movements and using her dancers. And wow. The spinning lift sequence was beautiful. They did a really good job staying together in their movements and in their emotions. There wasn't much to say about this because I was just so absorbed in the dancing.

Tadd & Melanie Ray Leeper – she finds out he's been cheating. WOW! Melanie looks hot! She has to dance the entire first part in only one heel. That, sirs and madams, is talent. Melanie's control and movement of her body is so skilled. She really knows how do use it. Wow, this was a fun routine. To be completely honest, I didn't really notice Tadd that much. I don't even think he danced that much. My focus was on Melanie.

Melanie & Sasha Always so excited to see them dance together. Stacey gave them a suppressed housewives breaking out. LOVED the dresses! Tonight is certainly a night for awesome costumes. They pair and partner so well together, both so strong, yet not taking away from the other, only adding. It's fun to see them side by side because you can really compare them. Sasha dances with power and Melanie dances with heart, which I think, in the end, will really win her the top spot. Well done!

Marko & Tadd A Gumboot stepping routine from South Africa. by Chuck. OMG. I haven't heard this song since my junior year in high school. A fun routine, but wasted on these two. I say this only because it wasn't for Marko at all, he was out of his element and I felt it from the beginning. Too soft, out of sync with Tadd, missed hits. It just wasn't good. And the choreographer and Lil'C didn't look happy with it at all. I love Katie, she only had positive things to say to each of the dancers very time. Even this one. Wow. Interesting and a little "I didn't like that very much" comment from Nigel.


Overall, this was a very disappointing season finale, and a few of the judges agreed, but I think it will be Melanie.


Oh, the people you see

This past weekend was AMAZING. I spent Friday night with my sis and we went and saw The Taming of the Shrew. I have a friend that works on the costumes and when she told me it was taking place in the 80's, I rolled my eyes and groaned.

"Not the 80's! This is going to be sooo boring!"

And it SO wasn't!
This was the funniest show I have seen in my entire life (except for Horrible Bosses, but that was a movie so you really can't compare the two). The acting was superb, the humor very tongue-in-cheek, and many of the costumes I actually found myself thinking, "I think I just saw that in WetSeal..." I even asked my seamstress friend where the bright pink bridesmaids' shoes were going after the show (Onto another production, to my dismay). The venue is memorable, being outside close to a river, and the night was warm (which brought out a few mesquitos). The cafe food was delicious (guac to die for) but the cookies were a little overdone (try frisbee material). But, overall, a very fun night with my sis.

And, and, AND! I made homemade cinnamon rolls. Please, bask in their deliciousness. They were BETTER than Cinnabon. Yes, that's right, folks. I said it. BETTER than Cinnabon.

I think I there was an anime convention going on at the event center near my house. I only say this, because while at Fred Meyer, I saw a NUMBER of strangley dressed people that reminded me a lot of Sailor Moon, but in leotards and with purple hair. (I'm telling you, this was a very jam-packed weekend!)

Then, Hubby and I ventured out to the Barley Bros. Traveling Beer Show. For $25 and with a valid ID, you got a red wristband, a mini 5.5 oz beer glass, and unlimited tastes of over 200 Northwestern brews. The food and entertainment, though, you couldn't put a price on.

The day started off well enough: Good weather (not too hot), a new sundress, great friends and a $2 coupon! Hubby handed over the money ($50) and viola! $12 change! What could possibly make this any better, you ask? I'll tell you what. Pronto Pups, the best gosh darn corndogs around. We used to have one by Edwards, but sadly, it closed. Now, the only time I get a good corndog with when the fair or beer fest rolls through.
The park was fenced off for the event, holding numerous vendors, about 15 different food spots (all amazing), and four giant beer tents. As soon as you stepped under one, you were slammed into a wall of bodies, everyone trying to weave around everyone else to get to the front where all the taps were. The noise was amazingly loud compared to the outside.

You stood in line, passer-byers recommended beers you should try and then you made your pick. We saw one guy pull out a beer stein from his backpack. We offered him good luck on that one. I even saw a lady try to get the beer tender to fill up a water bottle. No dice there, either.

Despite the atmosphere and the fact that it was a beer fest with unlimited samples, There were surprisingly few drunks that I noticed. I did see one guy pulling his completely sloshed girlfriend through the crowd, and then there was that one bicyclist that almost took out a guy walking through the park. But they were the exception, not the rule. A hot day, small glasses, live music and good food kept everyone reasonable and highly sober (that was only the first day, though, and we left at 7, the party kept going until 9, so things could have changed).

Anyway, it was a good fun time. If it comes to your neck of the woods, consider checking it out (AZ in December). You only have to pay for the glass, getting in is free. Might I suggest "sharing" a glass with whoever it is you're going with? Cut the price in half. I also saw some people selling their glasses and wristbands to those waiting outside. Another option. One must take full advantage in cost cutting measures in an economy like today's.

Here are a few things I found particularly interesting. Enjoy!


BWW Asian Zing wings (don't be fooled, eating them with ranch instead of blue cheese makes them an ENTIRELY different beast!)
Drunk bicyclists
People carrying around Old Milwaukee and Coors (seriously?!?!)
A blind man (That's right. With blind man walking stick and all)
Tattoos of Burton Snowboards, Fox Racing, and a giant red tie on some guy's chest
Utilikilts (See left. Still trying to convince Hubby how completely rockin' these actually are)


Drunken frat boys devastated that they almost missed the Rogue kegs
A rowdy cowbell followed by a chorus of genuine cheers every time a keg was drained (That happened probably 15 – 20 times while we were going through the 4 tents. See right.)

My favorite of the evening, though: A shirtless guy with a barbed wire tattoo, holding his 5.5 oz glass with his pinky up, and a petite Chihuahua tucked under his other arm, ambling through the park.

A close second: A manly man in short, yellow, cut-off women's shorts. I grabbed a picture of this guy, and it's on my phone, but my stupid Droid won't let me send it anywhere. I went into major stealth mode to get it, too!

Came up with a Pulitzer Prize winning ending for my WIP while drifting off to sleep and wrote it down...anyone fluent in chicken scratch?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

amazing contest! enter to win REALLY cool arcs! Including Tahereh Mafi's SHATTER ME and Ally Condie's CROSSED

Friday, August 5, 2011

Break it down now!

Oh, the results. Only one more week left!

Love Cat's hair love the color of the dress. Don't love the dress itself. Same with Mary's dress. Not a fan.

Opening routine was pretty cool. The flower was a neat prop and I liked how everyone was doing their own thing but at the same time, the same. I also liked how they partnered Melanie and Marko together again. Reminded me a little of free love and flower children. They all had a fun time doing it and it showed. Entertaining, but by far, not my favorite. Routine by Justin Giles.

Solos! I like how everyone danced and not just the bottom. I loved Sasha's, It was so unique and her. I think she learned something from Melanie last night. Caitlynn's a cute dancer, but compared to Sasha's solo, very weak, I really didn't think she brought it, and what's with her shoulder dips? Lovin' Melanie's playlist. I love Sia, but I didn't think her solo was as strong as last night's or Sasha's. I dare say that Caitlynn brought more tonight than she did. Tadd's solo was pretty fun, lots of floor work and a lot of the same tricks as before, but I guess when it's that limited of a genre, you're in a box of sorts. Marko is always fun to watch, he has so much talent to offer as a dancer. Ricky . Wow. I think he brought it more last night than he ever has before. And his pointed toes are SICK!

National Dance Day videos! Always so much fun.

Kent and Lauren are back! Performing some of the Emmy nominated routine! Always loved this one, Last season they kissed, lets see if they do again this year. Kent really has grown up so much as a person and dancer. I wonder if they still like each other? I think they did as good a job this time around as they did last time. Whoa! I think that kiss was bigger than last year's!!! And Joshua will be back next week!

Results! As Nigel said, the two going home are the ones that have the lowest votes from America. They aren't going to pull rank. Who's the first girl to be safe? MELANIE!!! I seriously wanted to cry tears of joy. The first guy to go through? MARKO!!! I knew it!

Bad Boys of Dance. Holy cow the height these boys got in their jumps! I love the rock ballet. It's so much fun. Beautifully danced. They even got off at the same time.

Final results for our dancers!! Which girl is going home? CAITLYNN! I knew it. I'm sad to see Caitlynn go home, but that's the way we all thought it would go. Now for the boys. I saw the shared wink. RICKY!
Wow. That was a HARD show. But, out of the six, these two were the weakest. Now trying to narrow it down next week for who will win. I really feel it will be Melanie. What do you think?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Break it down now!

Okay, so I just figured out the coolest thing EVER. I'm figuring that I'm behind the times on this, but better late than never. Apparently, Microsoft Word has a blog post option. I type and I click publish and it's there! Easy, peasy. You can't see it, but I'm patting myself on the back right now.

Announcements: So, did you guys participate in National Dance Day? Videos tomorrow. Alright! Down to business. The show is really getting intense now. I mean, seriously, how am I supposed to pick who goes home? Holly crap. There's only one week left.

Guest Judges: Christina Applegate & Lil'C (Wait, doesn't he have a rap album coming out soon?) What's this?!?! No one shouldered dress for Mary?? Christina has been a dancer…who knew.
Melanie, Ricky, Caitlynn, Tadd, Sasha, & Marko are all that's left.

I've seen Cat look better. The dress wasn't that good and it kinda looked like she just got out of bed. Alright, solo, All Star and partner dancing

Melanie & AS Twitch in a NappyTabs routine. Little Red Swaggy Hood. Twitch is the wolf. Sounds very interesting. Melanie got a haircut. Interesting. I like it. Great set! And costumes. Not your traditional NappyTabs routine, but it was exciting to watch. This is the first time I've seen Melanie do hip hop, I think. She did good, but I really wasn't that impressed in the beginning, and I hate saying that because I love her, but as the dance went on, it got better. This was more of a combo between NappyTabs and Sonja. It was a very interesting combination. I liked the song; it fit the dance pretty good. Overall, it was good, but I wasn't too taken with the number.

I really like listening to the way Lil'C, can't wait to see how his raps turn out. I've noticed one thing with him, it's kind of like looking at the stars. If you look at them from the corner of your eyes, you can see them a lot better than looking directly at them. Same with him talking. If you only half listen, it kinda makes sense. When you actually try to listen to him, you scratch your head and get lost. But, you gotta love him (whoa on the angle of Mary's dress).

Sasha & AS Kent (oh, Tracey is going to be sooo happy about that All Star) in a Tyce jazz routine about hitting a wall in a relationship. Ooooh, tears from Sasha in rehearsal. You know it's going to be good. Kent has really grown and matured. Sasha really is a talented dancer, she partners really well. Oh, man. I miss Kent. He is SUCH an amazing and powerful dancer. So much emotion in this dance, Sasha was really pulling from somewhere deep for this number to make it real. No, she didn't make it seem real; it was real. Moved Tyce to tears. That's always a good sign. Ooh, I like her tattoo. The judges really liked it. I loved Christina's comment, there have been many good dancers that are amazing technicians and can do a lot of good tricks, but Sasha put her finger on the wall and broke her heart. Great, great number. Favorite routine.
(Seriously though, Mary's dress is a little much). Lil'C crying?!?! I've NEVER seen that before! I felt like I needed to go into another room and give him some privacy. PS – I think he just needs to get on with it and ask her out already.

Marko & Janette in a paso doble! My favorite of the Latin dances by Dmitri. It's such a beautiful and powerful dance. The man has to be so incredibly strong and tough and masculine. Everything, every step he makes has to scream testosterone. Did Marko do that? He was definitely respectable, that's for sure. She was beautiful, but that goes without saying. Now, for the end, It was a little sudden and I wasn't expecting it. It seemed a little short for me. , and it didn't have the traditional kill at the end, but it had the pose, so, it was okay. But I loved their lifts, I agree with Mary, the cape movement was awesome.

Tadd & AS Ellenore (ooh! Costume looks promising. Let's home the dance delivers) Oh, It's a Sonya routine. My fears have been abated. Period piece. Loved the costumes and the concept behind the dance. It really came through. But, does Tadd actually kiss her feet. I didn't really like the song, too slow, and not…I dunno…..Sonya enough for Sonya? Lots of cool tricks and moves, again, seemed a little short for me, and no toe eating. I think if this song was going to work, it needed to be stronger and more dominant. I agree with Nigel. I would have liked to see more dancing, and it wasn't long enough to develop anything. I REALLY want her dress. They'd go perfect with my new gold shoes glitter shoes. I also really agree with Lil'C. There weren't that many moves, so they really needed to stretch them all and make them count and last for as long as they need to to make it work. But let's call this what it was. A sex dance.

Ricky & AS Jaime A contemporary routine from Dee about controlling someone to keep them with you. I was a little concerned about he whole chopsticks as props aspect, but I think that Jaime made them work. They were in sync enough that it was smooth and you could see the connection between their moves and the props. I couldn't get over her legs! They were so long and strong. The butt lifts were a little distracting in a disturbing way, though. Not gonna lie. But, good dance. Very good number. Okay Lil's, if you have to think that hard about your sentence, change the construction. But I love you.

Caitlynn & AS Pasha This is the bajillinth time they've danced together! Her costume is killer for Dmitry's Samba. Wow. H-O-T-T in the first 8 bars! I think she did a great job getting out of her shell. But I love the Latin dances. She did a great job. One of the best of the night and the season. Her and Pasha pair really well. Ugh, I said that before they did the floor drop and the sweep thing. "Like, whatever with your body". Right on with that comment, Christina.

Sasha & Ricky doing a waack? Kumari – 1970's… similar to a form of hip hop. Like the girl who auditioned and was the spy. Fun@ Dance moves and outfits. Loved it! Now that I see them, I'm like, oh, okay, I know what this is, just didn't know it had a title. Watching them side by side, Ricky is really sloppy and smooth, and Sasha just brings so much more to the table than he does. Even though it was fun to watch and they did a good job dancing it, it seemed really like they were counting it out and just "dancing it" (wow! Loved her hat!!!) and not really feeling it. (All the comments Ricky kept getting, I think the pushing for him to go home tomorrow). I agree 100% with everything Lil'C said.

Melanie & Tadd Broadway routine with Spencer. Mirroring reality. Mistakes passion of dance for passion of love. I have a music box with this song, it's nice to know where it finally comes from. This was a really good number. I liked the low opening and the powerful middle. They are so good together. Every time I see Tadd dance, it's so hard to believe that he was a B Boy. He moves so naturally in everything he does. That was a great number! Favorite routine.

Caitlynn & Marko do a Sonya jazz routine. I think those are the most tame costumes I've ever seen her use. An overbearing man and she's trying to get away from him. Looks promising. Love the song. Great symbolism in the beginning. And the perfect song for the number. Loved the drop and jump. It hit I love the song. But it brought back bad memories for Hubby. He started reenacting the Twilight scene where Jacob is carrying Bella (I don't remember this, but Hubby insists it was in the movie. I'll let you frame your opinion on that) and he said that he didn't like the song anymore. He started gagging. Guess you had to be here. It was funny. Favorite routine.

Ricky's solo and a fun little tidbit from his mom. Ricky's limbs are so incredibly long. His solo showed that off well. But, I don't know if it's me or not, but whenever he does his pirouettes, He seems to topple towards the end. I've noticed it every time. Was his solo the strongest? Eh.

Caitlynn's solo. She's so beautiful, as a dancer and as a person. The dress was great. Her solo was good, but I didn't like the song. Look! Her dad's back from the Black Sea!
Tadd's solo! Tadd's dad pops his collar. How cool is that. Okay! Here's the personality we saw in his audition! I'm glad he brought it back. He's tricks stand out so much more. Wait…I think he's danced to this before…is that the same routine?
Sasha's Solo. She's so skinny and lost so much wait since she's been on the show, and I love the extensions they gave her for Tyce's routine. Suits her. And her solo was pretty wicked.
Marko's solo. Wow! What an entrance to his solo. HE had a lot of happiness and emotion in his dance. It made me smile and left me feeling lighter. Good job, Marko. I think I like is best of all so far.
Marko's solo. Wow! What an entrance to his solo. HE had a lot of happiness and emotion in his dance. It made me smile and left me feeling lighter. Good job, Marko. I think I like is best of all so far.

Our predictions for Thursday? We think Ricky and Caitlynn will be going home. What about you?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

So, I'm having a heck of a time getting into my latest MC, Kaia's, head. And here's the reason why. I think. Kaia is less bold than my normal female characters. Now, I'm not saying she's meek or weak…not by any stretch of the imagination. The girl's willing to risk life and limb in a world that would sooner see her die then succeed…all for her obnoxious little brother. I think I would classify Kaia as more of a "let's try and not rock the boat" kind of girl. Even when breaking the law, she does it in the least obtrusive way, and getting her to do even that was hard.

Her head is unfamiliar and foreign to me and I forgot to bring my passport. The furniture is all messed up and not arranged the way I like it. I prefer a big, overstuffed chair-and-a-half nestled next to a window so I can watch the world go by. Kaia's prefers the practicality of a creaky, stiff wooden chair close to the fire so that she can work well into the night on all the clothes she has to mend.

It's hard for me to crawl into her skin because we're so different. She's more timid than I am so it's taking extra hard work to get into her way of thinking and figuring out why she acts the way she acts and does what she does. I'm having difficulty drilling down to find out what really motivates her.

So, today, before dance, I'm locking myself up inside of B&N (in the Sbux section, of course) to try and get inside her head and get used to that stupid, uncomfortable chair.

Wish me luck!