About Moi

For now, I am an inspiring author. One day I hope to be a published author. I am happily married to a wonderful husband who supports me in my endeavors, and is always giving me a positive “you’ll get there” thumbs up. Don’t know what I’d do without him.

I Irish dance, ride horses, read, eat, write and enjoy time with my family and dog in the outdoors. Until I am famous, that’s all you’ll probably want to know about me.

Oh, and I'm OBSESSED (but in a good way) with shoes and handbags. My two latest acquisitions are below.

For fun, read the post and check in here.

Questions, comments, or just wanna contact me? RaeLynnFry[at]gmail[dot]com

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Indie Book Reviewer

I think I might be overdoing it (but only by a smidge) with the social media...Um...That's all for now.

My newest pair. Straight from the shelves of
our newly opened Nordstrom Rack. :)

Can you tell teal's kind of my color right now?