Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Break it down now!

So You Think You Can Dance SEASON 10, EVERYBODY!!!

Be honest, did you think it would last this long? I did. I decided not to blog during the auditions, because, let's face it, there's not much to talk about. I did like, however, that they didn't focus very much on the crazy, horrible dancers.

But a question has been plaguing me and mine, WHERE IS TYCE??? If you know the answer, please tell me in the comments. I miss him and we all hope he choreographs some routines this season.

So, last week we had our Top 20 announced. And I love the way they shuffled between the Green Mile and the live show with the dances. They were all wonderful and unique, and the Top 10 Boys with the sand was pretty dang awesome. In case you missed it, our T20 are:


  • Aaron Turner (Tapper)
  • Alan Bersten (Ballroom)
  • BluPrint (Animation) Favorite
  • Carlos Garland (Contemporary)
  • Curtis Holland (Tapper)
  • Fik-Shun (Hip-hop) Favorite
  • Jade Zuberi -- I call him Detroit (Animation) Favorite
  • Nico Gretham (Contemporary) Favorite
  • Paul Kamiryan (Ballroom)
  • Alexis Juliano (Tapper)
  • Amy Yakima (Contemporary)
  • Brittany Cherry (Ballroom)
  • Hayley Erbert (Contemporary) Favorite
  • Jasmine Harper (Contemproary)
  • Jasmine Mason (Jazz) Favorite
  • Jenna Johnson (Ballroom) Favorite
  • Makenzie Dustman (Contemproary) Favorite
  • Malece Miller (Contemporary) Favorite
  • Maria Spears (Hip Hop)

So, how did last night's episode go with partners? Let's find out.

Judges: Nigel, Mary, Wayne Brady

First off.... Did anyone else notice that honkin' diamond on Cat's left ring finger? Hmmmm??? That's the second week in a row it's been on there. I'm just sayin'.

I want to come out and say this, which will make this a short post. I LOVED all the routines. I thought everyone did fantastic. Even the routine that the judges weren't too impressed about. So there. And that opening number? Favorite so far. :)

So, without further time-wasting, here are the routines from last night!

(Videos courtesy of IdolXFactor, @idolxfactor1)

Live Group Routine (Nappy Tabs Hip Hop)

Mariah & Carlos (Jason Jive)

Jasmine M & Alan (Travis Contemporary)

Malece & Jude aka Detroit (Travis Jazz) FAVORITE

Jenna & Tucker (Tyce Broadway)

Brittany & BluePrint (Sean AfroJazz)

Mackenzie & Paul (Jason Viennese Waltz)

Jasmine H. & Aaron (Sonya Jazz)

Hayley & Curtis (Chris Hip Hop)

Amy & Fik-Shun (Sonya Contemporary)

This is the only one Blogger wouldn't let me embed. Silly Blogger. Watch it here.

Alexis & Nico (Hip Hop)


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