Friday, March 18, 2011

Hope Restored

This weekend I felt like giving up.

It was a pretty melodramatic event in my life, even for me.

My synopsis hasn’t been going the way I want (which is to say, any way that a synopsis is to go) and I felt like my story was falling apart. I had this image that the end of Seth and Lexi’s story was utter crap and that no agent in their right mind would poke at it with a ten foot pole, let alone Dream Agent being interested.

I actually said to myself, “What am I doing? I need to stop writing and get back to the real world.” How many of us have said that to ourselves. Luckily, we never listen.

What gave me encouragement was a friends very helpful critique of draft 5 of my synopsis. It’s like a new creature was born after he got done with it. I could actually see a half-way decent outcome that could be polished into potential goodness.

My motivation to get back to my synopsis and editing the last bit of my ms was restored. This is good, because it’s been a month since SFWC, and I need to get my query to Dream Agent. I will have it all edited and darn near perfect to submit to her on Monday. Rain or shine.

So pray/wish/ send good vibes/cross fingers with me that what I have worked out catches her interest and she asks for more. And if it doesn’t, pray/wish/ send good vibes/cross fingers that I’m not too devastated that I don’t continue my Scully-Mulder marathon.



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  2. Never ever ever give up!! Writing is our art...its the only thing like it in the world..our voices are all a painters strokes or a musicians notes. I can't wait to see what you have written. I visited this blog the other night looking for sample chapters of ATLANTIS / WHITE CITY, and saw it was "Under construction"...don't be so critical know all of the agents will send back with their advice. If we wait till we think it's perfect, well speaking for myself, it will never get out just in your landing and let fate and faith guide your you!

  3. I left a comment but do not see it...did you get it?

  4. Beth, why can't you live closer?!?! :) Thanks for the pep talk. I do feel better and more confident about my ms. I hate being so critical of myself (but I'm this way in every aspect of it). It's awesome people like you who keep me i line.