Friday, March 11, 2011

Freebee Friday!!

Things are a movin' and a shakin' at your local Sbux thanks to their 40th birthday.

I heard from a friend in New York that their new Tribute blend is pretty tasty.

They also have new mini desserts they call Petites (and if you go in from 2 - 5 pm, from the 10th - 12th) you get one for free when you order a specialty drink!

You've no doubt seen their new logo by now, but did you know they've had four of 'em?!? Apparently I've only been a devoted follower since 1992.

And last but not least, the introduction of their newest size, the Trenta. At 31 oz (916 ml), it's officially larger than the average adult stomach (900 ml). It should be out by May 3rd.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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