Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Break it down now!

Okay, I get that SYTYCD likes to change things up every now and then, and for the most part, I enjoy it. But last night? With the bottom 3 couples?


HORRIBLE set up. Just plain awful. And I hope they change it for next week and not continue to do this format for the entire season.

Who wants to be told at the beginning of the night that they're going home, but oh, wait, you still have to dance with your partner and make it good.

NOT a good format. I miss the two day structure and the announcement of the bottom 3 couples at the end of the show with guest performances and solos before. But, alas, it is not I who produce the show (cough, cough Nigel cough)

Thoughts on Cat's dress? Personally, I don't think it was classy enough for her. Did anyone catch a glimpse of that diamond ring she's been sporting of late?

Okay, down to the show! (Routines are not in order of show appearance, I pulled all videos from IdolXFactor3)

Guest Judge: Christina Applegate

Opening Routine: A great number by Tyce. A little creepy but very entertaining.

Who went home: Brittany and Carlos

Hayley & Curtis, Jazz: This was a very sexy jazz routine that made Dirty Old Man Nigel very happy. You wouldn't have thought that Curtis was strictly a tapper.

Jasmine H & Aaron, Lyrical Hip Hop: I'm not a fan of this genre and this routine didn't particularly grab my attention, so (confession time), I skipped it. But, the judges seemed to like it. :)

Jade & Malece, Bollywood: I was deeply saddened by this routine. I love bollywood. But Malece and Jade really didn't do this number justice. You could tell that Jade was given parts that required minimal skill in that genre. And Malece didn't do too bright, either. The thing with bollywood is that it's hard. I like it better when the program introduces that genre later in the season when the dancers have had the chance to improve in their dancing and are better equip to dance it right.

Alexis & Nico, Contemporary: This was a good routine. But nothing special, for me.

Brittany & BluPrint, Broadsay: THROWING BOOKS?! The atrocity!! Other than that, this was a fun routine. :) And BluPrint did surprisingly well.

Jasmine M & Alan, Argentine Tango (Favorite): I. Loved. This. Routine. That is all.

Mackenzie & Paul, Jazz (Favorite): Another fun, great jazz number. Loved this.

Mariah & Carlos, Contemporary: This was okay. I was impressed with how well Mariah so far out of her style.

Amy & Fik-Shun, Hip Hop (Favorite): This was such a FUN routine. Loved it.

Jenna & Tucker, Cha Cha: I thought Tucker did okay and Jenna did great. But the judges slightly disagreed with me.

Who do you think will be in the bottom 3 couples next week? My opinion? Jude, Malece, BluPrint, Alan, Jasmine M., Jenna.


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