Thursday, May 2, 2013


How are all of you doing?

Me? I'm doing fantastic.

Baby is growing and will be here in 10.5 weeks and my book is less than a month away from being shoved out into the world!

I announced a little while ago that I'd decided to self-publish CASTE while still querying for an agent. The main reason for that was two-fold:

  1. Why the heck not?
  2. I felt like I was just sitting on my hands while querying and waiting for that elusive "yes".
I'd gotten several full requests, but nothing after that. Which is both encouraging and downright depressing. So, I decided to invest time and money into getting it done myself; and I have to say, I'm pretty darned excited. 

I have to wait for the proof to get back to me from the printer, and then do some online marketing/publicity/promo stuff (wish me luck with that), and then get to finishing the second in the series. 

This is kind of my first little, "Hey, guess what's going on?!" push. You are the first. Thanks for that. :)

That's all I have for now (oh, still wearing my heels through 7.5 months of pregnancy. I think that's pretty impressive).

Happy Thursday!



  1. Congratulations of all of it!!!! I hope everything turns out well with the book, that's a lot of hard work!
    And not to be biased, but especially good luck with Baby - there's nothing better than that! :) I'm happy for you and that you have so many exciting things coming up in your family/life!

  2. Thanks!! I can't wait for you to meet little Baby when she comes. :)