Friday, April 12, 2013

Freebee Friday!

A firestorm I hadn't intended, erupted last night on facebook. I posted the following comment after seeing a very uninterested looking, young mother at Starbucks yesterday. Her two-year-old daughter was trailing behind her as she looked off the other direction, her arm being flopped around by her daughter's movements (I should have grabbed a pic).

Now, I admit, I have no kids yet (our daughter is due in July) and my single mother had my twin sister and I on a leash when we were young. At this point, though, I can safely say I would never put my child on a leash. But, that may change when parenthood hits me over the head. :)

But what about you? What are your thoughts on the topic?

My facebook post: "I've never understood why parents put their children on leashes. It looks lazy and like your child is an accessory that needs a collar."

Oh, the comments that followed!!! :)



  1. I have only done it once. At the airport. My daughter was three, and it was just the two of us traveling. I heard someone comment, "That's a child, not a dog." But what the commenter did not know was that the child could run very fast, much faster than her mother, that the child would run if she felt compelled, and the mother feared she should would never catch her in that busy airport if this were to happen. So the mother (that's me) resorted to the leash. Had this been my middle child, I would not have needed the leash. If I were to travel with my son, the third child, I would use the leash, because he, like his oldest sister, is a "break-away and run" kind of kid. :)

  2. On a whole, I personally don't think that's something I would do. But I have babysat kids and been out in public with them where I felt "this" close to wishing I'd had a leash for them.
    I think it's all relative. If you have a runner and it would generally be safer if they had a bit more restriction - then yes, do it!
    But if the parent is just being plain lazy (sorry, I'm not trying to offend anyone) then I think it's kind of ridiculous!!