Friday, December 7, 2012

Tis the Season...

This was my favorite of the pics
...To be having babies.

I’m not even kidding, it seems like EVERYONE is pregnant in my neck of the woods. I have a friend due in December, a friend due in January, three friends due in June, and I’m due in July.

You heard that right. Hubby and I are having a baby.

And we couldn't be more excited.

When I found out I was pregnant, I kept it a secret from Hubby for a few days (three hardest days of my life) because I wanted to tell him in a special way. Here’s the story.

I have this teddy bear. It’s a raggedy old thing that I’ve had for about 23 years named Bear Bear. So, I went to the store, bought a cute new little bear and had a photographer take some pics at the same park Hubby and I had our engagement photos taken at. On the photo I had her write, “A new Bear Bear for a new Bennett”. I printed the picture and put it in an envelope, paired it with the new teddy bear, and gave it to Hubby.

I hid in the kitchen while he opened it and crept back out when he started reading out loud. “An new Bear Bear for a new Bennett. What….what?” I just stood there and stared at him, willing him to understand. Then he looked at me and said, “We’re having a baby?”

And it was all over. I bawled. I blame it on the hormones.

We kept it a secret from family for another couple of weeks. We were all going to be together on Thanksgiving so that’s when we were going to announce it. And in a special way, too. Hubby and I had some announcement pictures taken and it went like this:

My mom had just moved into a new house and she was hosting Thanksgiving dinner. We went over early to help cook, so, we took the picture, put it in a frame, and called it a housewarming gift. Then it went down a little something like this (it's kinda long, so you can skip the end after she screams :) ):

Then, when we were all sitting down at the table, getting ready to eat, Hubby pulls out the other wrapped and framed photo and hands it to his mom. I wish I would've gotten their reaction on video, too, but I forgot. It was just a precious, though.

She opened it and her eyes teared up as she asked, “Are you serious?” To which I started tearing up. She hadn't shown anyone else the photo yet, so everyone was getting concerned and wondering what was going on. When she flipped the photo around, there were excited shrieks (most of Hubby’s family is made up of girls--three sisters) and tears and hugs and LOTS of excitement.

Monday was reserved for telling co-workers, and while I expected the most crap to be given by Hubby’s office, I was slightly disappointed. I called an impromptu meeting at my office in the big bosses office (everyone looked a little concerned as to why I wanted to talk to all of them). As soon as the door shut, I threw my hands in the air and yelled, “I’M HAVING A BABY!” They all started screaming and yelling and it sounded like we were in the end zone of a BSU Bronco game.
My blue hair kind of shows up. Sweet
So, lots of changes in store for Hubby and I. We’re still in a state of disbelief, especially since I’m not far enough along to show, but my fatigue and nausea are enough proof for me that I’m growing another little baby inside me.

Happy Thursday, everyone!



  1. That is one of the sweetest videos ever!! Your mom is so cute! And I totally agree with her, you will both be amazing parents and the Lord will help you all the way! Congratulations, I'm sooo excited for all of you!!

  2. That was great! Wish I had been creative when I found out...My mom knew as soon as I called her...she is the all knowing mommy!! Congrats to you guys! So happy for you!

  3. Thank you, Tianna! I'm so glad I got it on video!