Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Second thoughts....

It would seem that this blog address is still getting LOTS of hits. :) Which makes me want to do a little dance. I'm still over at my Wordpress blog, but I'm thinking I might come back to Blogger, too.

Now, I'm all for being honest, direct, and admitting my mistakes. I went over to Wordpress initially because I was frustrated with Blogger on a few tiny things. And while I LOVE the look of my new blog, I'm beginning to wonder if moving wasn't a mistake.

The grass isn't always greener.

So, starting tomorrow, (and I'll probably be banging my head against my desk every day going forward), I'm going to post on BOTH blogs and see how it goes. Which means I'll have to get to this new Blogger format.

Yay! Or No!!!! We'll see. :)

Happy reading my friends!



  1. What were you frustrated with? Recently I've learned to hack blogger HTML quite a bit to install cool sliders and things like that. I think everything WordPress can do, I can figure out in blogger with a YouTube video and some patience.

  2. YouTube! You're a GENIUS! I didn't even think about that! The main little thing that made me mosey away from Blogger was the fact that not all the videos I needed/wanted to insert into my SYTYCD posts were available and I remember not being able to include them in my posts any other way. The problem with WordPress, is that it's VERY limited with the widgets it offers (in the free version, anyway) and if I want to do more than one video in a post, it will only post the same one over and over again. So, really petty in the grand scheme of things. :)

  3. Why I avoid WordPress is because of all the hoops one has to jump through posting a comment. I don't want to be a guest poster, and surely don't want to sign in with my social media (more tracking).

    You're right about the grass being greener. I just refuse to mow on, press. lol

  4. Really? I've never commented on a Wordpress blog before (sad, I know). I think I'm going to invest a little more time and use Michael's suggestion of YouTube to figure out how to fix what I'm having problems with on Blogger. :)