Friday, December 2, 2011

Freebee Friday!

So I have a couple of Freebees to share with you today. Yay!!

The first is a really cool webisode series I discovered on Hulu (through SYTYCD Season 8) called The LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). And if you LOVE dance like I do, check it out. These people have massive amounts of talent and skill and the story lines are pretty entertaining, too. Each episode is only about eight and a half minutes long and there are three seasons up.

Seriously guys, I cannot express the amount of talent these dancers possess.

The second is one of my favorite songs from Florence + the Machine's new album, Ceremonials. Once again, she's put out a fierce album. Great, great, great.

I'm working on a slew of posts for December so that I can actually contribute to the online world of information. Bottom line, you all will be hearing a lot more from me in December than you did in November.

Happy Friday, my friends, after a week like this one, we all deserve it.



  1. I've been watching America's Best Dance Crew and have been blown away by what I've seen.

  2. That's the one on MTV, right? I haven't seen it yet but I'll have to check it out.