Saturday, October 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

I'm sitting here at my kitchen counter, putting off what I should be doing and thinking about all the things that I need to do. Typing up a random blog post is part of my procrastination. I have a really yummy cup of coffee in front of me and I'm telling myself this post is a good distraction and will not keep me from all the things I need to do.

My writing goal this weekend (which included Friday) was15k. Honestly, that's not bad. I can easily do 5k in one sitting. The only problem is, Friday was so busy (with work and then the football game at our house) that I only got around 700 typed. I'm trying not to laugh. But, I think (or I'm going to try, at least) to hit that 15k mark between now and Sunday night.

The only problem is, I have a crap load of junk to do. Take the dog for a run, clean up from the aftermath of our ritual football party, the dreaded laundry, planting some bulbs before the first freeze blasts us, try to find and kill this blasted fly that's been buzzing around since the dawn of time, rock it at our performance today and a slew of other little things (like try and watch another episode of Merlin, watch the Supernatural I have recorded along with TVD--yes, I've fallen into the trap, and then try and find where I can watch the first episode of American Horror Story I missed.).

So to you I say toodles. I need to go and hunker down for the long haul, seeing how many words I can write between now and when I have to leave. Wish me luck!



  1. Wow. You and I have a lot in common as far as some of the shows that we like to watch. I'm not the big fan of dance shows like you are but I have all the seasons of Merlin on DVD and dvr it whenever it is on, I watch Supernatural, DVR'd American Horror Story's premiere this week... Are you by any chance going to watch "The Walking Dead" when it premieres in a little over seven days from now? I'm so looking forward to it. If you are, be sure to check out the webisodes (they are 2 minutes a piece and there are six of them). They will provide even more procrastination material for you as (let's face it) you're not really going to reach that writing goal this weekend anyway. :) /hugs.

  2. If you love the X-Files, too, then I think this is a great thing. :) I just finished watching American Horror Show and it is TWISTED. I watched The Walking Dead during its first season and really liked it, so I think I'll watch it this time around, too. I didn't know they had webisodes. I'll have to check them out. And you're right, the writing goal is atrocious. :)