Friday, December 3, 2010

To Break Addictions or to Enable Them?

I’ve decided to try decaffeinated coffee.

I think that would technically make me certifiable, but at Hubby’s suggestion I’m giving it a shot. Why, you ask? Simple. I drink A LOT of coffee. I mean, a lot. I go through about four bottles of creamer in a month and a few pounds of ground coffee. No joke. All that caffeine can’t be good for you (long term side effects are similar to OCD). This is day three of virtually no coffee (because decaffeinated does NOT count, imo), and people, I am suffering. I’m wasting away. I sleep on the carpool ride into work and I don’t have my normal, loveable zip. I don’t talk everyone’s head off at work, and my typing speed has dramatically suffered (well, not really, but since my only real complaint is “I miss my coffee” and it isn’t that convincing, I felt a little spice was needed. Feel free to call it prose.).

Screw decaffeinated coffee. I’m going to Costco this afternoon and picking up a five pound of coffee beans and making a big ’ol cup of Joe when I get home. Then I’m going to snuggle down in the couch in my reading room and devour Mockingjay, hoping and praying to God that Peeta and Katniss both come around and stop being so gosh darn selfish! How many times do I have to tell you, it’s about me!



  1. You're so funny!! I saw the whole "Hunger Games" set at Costco tonight, and totally thought of you!

  2. Ha!!! My first comment!! ou've made my day and you shall win a prize....let me figure out what it will be...

    The Hunger Games is great, you should read them. :-)

  3. Living near Seattle I am on my 3rd mug o' joe this morning and bright eyed and bushy tailed. Decaffeinated coffee is not coffee! I think it is un-American! Very "refreshing" blog you have. Keep it up!

  4. Oooo! I love prizes!
    I've had a ton of people tell me how good the books are. Maybe someday I'll check them out.

  5. Thanks, Greg! I'll have to check yours out. I love cats, have 2 crazy ones at home, myself.